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Coquitlam Integrated Security System

Complete solutions from AI to Zigbee for Coquitlam, BC

Gteck Advanced Technology can provide integrated solutions with various security and business applications that can be easily managed from a single platform. As an integrated solution, you can control many elements of a facility from video solutions, intrusion detection, intercoms, mobile devices, building automation and many more. 

Our portfolio of various products and offerings enable us to provide unified and / or integrated solutions for your day to day and unique needs and challenges. We can offer you one product or integrated solution comprised of multiple security products to protect your organization’s day to day challenges. Our objective is always to provide you solutions to future proof your organization. As our partner, you will gain access to all the tools and support to integrate security systems tailored to your needs and challenges. 

We can offer flexible integration platforms to achieve solutions to meet today’s need. Our team can choose platforms to provide you integration not only between security systems, but also with biometric products, video analytics, visitor management systems, wireless locks, building automation systems, HR systems, elevator destination dispatch controls, key boxes, license plate recognition technology. 

Integrated systems we work with


We draw on the expertise of the most recognized video and cloud-managed surveillance platforms. This enables us to offer you the broadest range of equipment, monitoring and analytics options. Additionally, we have an in-house team who will work quickly to install your equipment, on time and on budget.

Advanced AI

By harnessing state-of-the-art analytics, Gteck can elevate your system solutions, delivering valuable data to enhance day-to-day operations. A couple of noteworthy AI enhancements include Facial Recognition and comprehensive vehicle identification, both of which contribute to the optimization of your systems and processes.

Mobile Access

We can offer integrated solutions that leverage mobile devices, providing the convenience of securely storing credentials on your smartphone and other compatible devices. This enables you to gain access to doors and other secure locations within your facility effortlessly.

Personnel and Visitor Management

We offer solutions that help you process, welcome and track your guests while they are on your premises. We offer different options to facilitate and meet your needs. We offer a variety of options tailored to accommodate and fulfill your specific requirements, including: rn


  • Cloud-based visitor management
  • rn

  • On-premises visitor management
  • rn

  • Integrated visitor management systems
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Our biometric options deliver unobtrusive, personalized security for your building, facility, or campus. We use sophisticated biometric identification technology to recognize fingerprints, irises, or facial features, eliminating the need for access control cards and keypad codes. By integrating biometric technology into your security infrastructure, it enhances both convenience and protection.

Standard Interface Communication

Our integration capabilities can provide you with integrated solutions that encompass communication devices such as intercoms, entry phones, and visitor management systems.


Our team can provide you advanced intrusion systems that seamlessly integrate with any of your other ecosystems such as access control or CCTV solutions.

Fire Alarm Management

Our team can seamlessly integrate Fire Panel Monitoring equipment with top-tier fire alarm panels to offer you instant notification and visibility into the nature and location of fires and other emergencies.

Elevator Control

We provide integrated solutions and an event management system that is capable of seamlessly integrating with top elevator systems. This integration aims to enhance travel efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and offer visibility into elevator activity for improved management and monitoring.

Asset Management

Integrating your security systems with a secure key box can effectively reduce the risk of theft of physical keys and critical assets from both internal and external threats, providing enhanced protection for your organization.

Business Continuity/HR Systems

We can provide proactive integrated solutions to preemptively address disasters. Our integrated approach is designed to safeguard database integrity, minimize system downtime through business continuity measures, and save valuable time by eliminating the need to repeatedly create and input information into the database.

Multiple Secure Validation

Our integrated solutions can offer both single-step validation and robust multiple-step authentication processes, which are particularly well-suited for high-value clients.

Building Automation

An integrated system that includes building automation can oversee all the technological functions of your facility. This functionality can be accessed conveniently through either a workstation or a mobile device, giving you control at your fingertips. This supervision encompasses monitoring and control of various Building Automation Systems (BAS), including safety, security, access control, fire detection and suppression, elevators and escalators, electrical distribution, as well as human comfort systems such as HVAC, lighting, blinds, and air quality.

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