Why Gteck

Why Gteck

Four decades of perfecting the art of security

For over forty years, we’ve been learning about what truly great security looks like. We have tech savvy, true depth and breadth of experience, and a diehard commitment to providing future-proofed, cost-effective solutions.

Experience and innovation go together

Some industry leaders are known for their enthusiastic innovation, others for their depth and breadth of experience. At Gteck, we believe these two qualities should work hand in hand. Because we have seen waves of technology over the course of decades, we understand what signals a value-adding breakthrough. And because we have always explored what’s on the cutting edge, we’ve gained a reputation for future-proofing that’s 40 years in the making.

We see security from all angles

Over the last four decades, we’ve not only learned everything there is to know about digital security systems, we’ve also gained capabilities in parallel services. In fact, we’ve also provided security personnel and building maintenance solutions to clients. This allows us to understand the experience of the professionals responsible for keeping people safe. We truly see security from all angles. 

Kandor Management Corporation

As part of the Kandor Group of Companies, we’re indelibly influenced by Kandor Management Corp, a leader in the area of full-service facilities management. Kandor’s high-level understanding of everything that makes a facility work well for teams and guests helps us create better security systems.

Guardteck Security Co. Logo

Guardteck Security Company, another company within this family, is an exceptional security personnel provider trusted by events as prestigious as the Olympics. Guardteck helps us to understand security from the point of view of the professionals who use our systems.


Everclean Facility Services is also part of the Kandor Group of Companies. Everclean offers complete, seamless maintenance services tailored to your sites and property holdings for worry-free operations.

Balancing breakthroughs with longevity

We know how to leverage an emerging technology when it represents the best possible solution to your problems. But we are also invested in ensuring the sustainability and longevity of your systems. We are a company that’s equally comfortable with working in the cloud or optimizing a legacy all-in-one system.

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