Who We Serve

Who We Serve

What you create deserves protection

Your purpose is to design, build, develop and manage the enterprises and spaces that drive our economy. Our purpose is to protect what you create and the people who are a part of your organization.

It starts with you

No two operations are exactly alike, and that’s why every security system is client-centered. We start by deeply understanding your unique needs and then we draw upon our extensive knowledge of the available products to create a customized system. There are many possibilities.

We support the people who drive our economy forward


Securing the profitability of commercial spaces at any scale with UCL listed solutions

Retail and shopping

Preventing loss from break-ins and theft with customized solutions

Industrial and manufacturing

Security at scale, with future-proofed digital systems to protect warehouses and large facilities

Multi-tenant residential

Cost-effective solutions that address the needs of tenants and owners


Trusted services for local governmental projects of any size

Healthcare and essential services

Protecting the integrity and functionality of necessary operations

Educational facilities

Providing security and peace of mind for students, teachers and administrators

Financial institutions

Securing high-value operations and facilities of all sizes

Logistics and warehousing

Securing inventory and supply chains from unexpected loss

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